Eyl: Rocky, ancient, pirate free.

Eyl is a district in Nugaal region, the state of Puntland.

The air is as fresh as it was delivered

The sea as clean as it was placed in this territory

Fishermen fish

Marine men protect the sea area

The small town looks like an ancient city

With bits of ruins still on site.

Eyl is full of life

Children run around bare footed

And sing in melodious care free voices

Women cook in small hut like kibandas

Men gather in groups at noon to chat.

I am curious, what do they talk about when they seat in small circles?

I asked the driver and his said everything.

They talk about everything.

What is everything? Anyway.

You’ll find them at every corner you take on the road

Some quite. Some so loud you’d think they are gossiping about God knows what.

It’s rare to see women out and about

They are always in the house or at the kibanda or shops

The tides are high this time of the year

Kids are advised to stay away from the sea

Adult come and watch the water from a distance until the sun sets.

The farms are doing well too.

People come all the way from Bosaso and Garowe to shop for lemons, melons and pawpaws.

I ate plenty of fish

They call it Kalun.

What will you have for lunch.

A young charming Abdalla comes to ask

There is Basto and Baris. You can have either with Kalun.

In the morning, he comes running with the three plates of Anjera wet in goat meat and soup.

I’ll have Kalun with Baris, I tell him.

Abdalla looks 11. He is on school holiday

He helps his Hoyo with the kibanda after Madrassa.

Many children he do.

It’s free labor.

Especially when you have many of them roaming around the house.

They may as well help with the business.

Well. I prefer if they let kids be kids.

They will grow up some day and help you a great deal.

Again, Eyl is my love.

A peaceful town, once known as Somalia’s capital for piracy now enjoys calm most days.

Here are some more pictures:


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