The streets of Wajir

Wajir Weyne!!The land of Cano Gel and Hilib (Camel milk and Meat). I have been contemplating of late on whether to tell the world about you or to just mind my own business because no one cares anyway.


The last time I visited Wajir was when I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (2008). I was there for a week. There was not much to see. The place was dull and unattractive. Every government that came into power promised empty developmental projects.

The people had come to terms with being use to not seeing maendeleo. In fact most residence of Wajir especially men prefer if a politician bought them a bundle of ‘khat’ than for them to buy equipment for the nearby dispensary.

Then came devolution after the promulgation of the new constitution in 2010. Governor Ahmed Abdullahi came into power as the new Governor of Wajir after the General election in 2013.

A lot has changed. Most people in Wajir called Ahmed Abdullahi ‘Jiir’ (Rat). Somalis are on another level of insanity. Story for another day. They say he is arrogant. Arrogant because he choose to use public funds for public use. Remember what I told you earlier,  they just need money to satisfy their daily needs.

The streets of Wajir is beautiful. With improved infrastructure,  youth have something other than miraa to keep them busy and useful to the society.


Women can now easily take their goods to the market with ease because of the availability of infrastructure and means of transport.

Main market in Wajir Town. Its dubbed ‘Soko Mjinga’

Oh!! Did I tell you this, there are street lights in Wajir town. Yeah, that’s quite something here. Shops are now open till late night especially the Miraa squad in business!!!





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