12 hours in Nairobi

I love Nairobi. Not until recently when I started exploring it did I realize its beauty. I know there is traffic, which sucks most of the time, but you can’t compare it with the beauty that this city has to offer.

I embarked on a one-day tour around the city and I got to visit 4 places despite the fact that it was on a Friday. City dwellers know how Friday’s can be. I had a good experience and I would like to share it with you.

Here is a simple one-day tour guide within Nairobi:

If you leave the house at around 8.30 am you can get to Museum Hill road at around 9.00am- 9.30 am and make your way to The Nairobi National Museum.

You’ll be required to pay 200/- (Adults) while the children fees are 150/-  (citizen).

The National Museum houses a lot of our (Kenyan) history. Starting from how barter trade took place in Kenya, to some of the tools that were being used to fight during Pre-independence period.




Tickets go for 150/-

You can also visit the snake park and learn about the different species of snakes. Your tour should take approximately 1 hour.

This will give you time to make your way to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which is located along Magadi Rd. If you are lucky you will get to the place 10/20 minutes before its opened to the public. As a Kenyan, this will be a moment that will leave you in awe as you watch tens of foreigners who eagerly wait for the gates to be opened so that they can see the elephants. I know right? why should anyone be excited to see elephants? I get it, we live in Africa where you have all the time in the world to see wildlife. To me, that was an actual challenge. Seeing people eager to see elephants just made me realize I take the little things I have for granted.

img_5487 The orphanage is open to the public from 11 am to 12 pm (every day), during which people get to see the baby elephants feed and also interact with them. This is because the elephants are sensitive animals and like a peaceful environment to exist in. The public is, therefore “Privileged” to interact with them for just 1 hr (I know it’s not enough time coz they are adorable beings). There are 24 baby elephants at the orphanage, who have been rescued from different parts of the country. you can adopt the baby elephants by visiting their website where you get to choose the elephant you want to adopt. This will give one the opportunity to interact with the baby elephant in the evening for one hour.



Play time


They showed up excited to see us

After leaving the orphanage, you can take a 30 minutes ride to Karen Blixen Museum which is on Karen Rd.


Few things you should know about the museum.

  1. It was handed over to the government of Kenya in 1963 (Independence year)
  2. The movie “Out of Africa” was shot here (It was an account of Karen’s life)
  3. It was named after Karen Blixen, a Danish Author.
  4. Karen Blixen bought the Land to practice coffee farming which apparently became unsuccessful after a few years.
  5. There is a similar museum in Denmark built in honor of Karen Blixen

What caught my attention the most is the fact that Karen was among the few whites who came to Kenya during the times of colonialism and decided to be part of the community. She built houses for her workers at the plantation. She also opened a Nutrition school to teach women about Health & Nutrition. The institution is currently called Kenya Medical Training College (Karen Branch). She was also a painter. You will find some of her artistic works in the museum. She basically understood the importance of sustainability within a community which I applaud her for. She died aged 74 of Syphilis in her home in Denmark. The obvious reason was her partner loved many women (That’s what we were told during the tour).

She loved books
George Finch Hatton (her lover) was a hunter

By the time you are leaving the museum it will be a few minutes past 1 pm. You can stop at Tamambo Karen Blixen Coffee Garden which is located in a beautiful peaceful setting on Karen Road. They really have good food. You can take a quick rest as you enjoy your lunch as you prepare to head for Giraffe Centre.

At around 2.30pm, you can start your journey to Giraffe center which is about 30 minutes from Karen Blixen Museum. At Giraffe Centre, you will get a chance to feed the giraffe. It’s a fun experience. You get to have a “smooching moments” with the giraffe. It’s a good one right??

That’s how you feed her




Giraffe Centre also has a curio shop that sells artworks made by a women’s group in Kibera among other groups who live in the slums. Make sure to make a stop at the shop and #SupportLocal.

After leaving the center, you can leave for home or pass by a good joint and have some “Nyama Choma” to start off the weekend in a good mood.



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