Through my lens: Rusinga Island in pictures #RusingaFest2016

As I watch the waves move in great force, my heart calls out “devour me”. Nature called out to me like never before. I will be honest here, I have seen Lake Turkana before. It does have a large mass of water but, It didn’t excite me at all. It was quite and calm. It was so inaudible, I couldn’t stand it. I am loud in nature. I like it when things get all strange, bubbly and fun. That’s how my life functions.

I remember getting all excited when I saw Lake Victoria. It was around 6.45 pm in the evening. I was in the land cruiser trying to pick a conversation with the guy sat next to me, when he told me “Hey, check out the lake”. I still regret my reaction when I saw the strong waves hitting the shores of the lake. I looked like a kid who had just been given a ticket to Disney World. Everyone in the cruiser gave me a side eye that insinuated “Kid better sit your a** down. Anyway, I don’t care what they thought about me (actually, deep down I do). Moving on. I have a lot to say about my trip to Rusinga Island…but I tell better stories through the lens, so I’ll let you “Kula na Macho” as some crook mafisi’s say.


Takawiri Island, A white sandy beach. A 45 minute boat ride from Rusinga Island


Suba bus. It ferries people from one side of the Island to the other.


Lake Victoria


Towards sunset.
Abasuba Dancers
Boat race competition during Rusinga Festival 2016

Check out my trip to Rusinga Island on You Tube:


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