Little did I know (Rusinga Tales: 1)

Sunset in Rusinga Island

I had a good day, except for the bad cold I’m struggling with. Thanks for not asking. Anyway. I am currently at Rusinga Island, at a hotel called Blue ridge .

BlueRidge Hotel

This is my first visit to this land. Yesterday as I was packing , I had a feeling I needed to carry a heavy warm sweater or probably a jacket. I assumed Rusinga Island is a chilly and cold area. Little did I know…..the place is so hot and humid. I won’t tell you the garb I’m in right now as I write this article (Gosh!!). This place is no different from Lamu.


I’m suffering from a very bad cold and my body is producing tremendous amount of heat that is killing my vibe for this trip. I don’t know how many times you’ve been to Rusinga Island and its environs, or maybe you’ll one day be a first time traveller to this place like me: Take my word seriously, make sure you carry light attire like vests and shorts for men and for the ladies whatever is appropriate but light.

Just to let you know, I’m in Rusinga Island for the Rusinga Festival that is taking place on 22nd and 23rd of this month. This happens to be the third edition of this festival. I am glad and excited for what awaits me. I’m also looking forward to telling you my experience.

Somewhere in Homabay



2 thoughts on “Little did I know (Rusinga Tales: 1)

  1. Pole about your winter attire in a Kalahari desert 😕😕😕. Nice pics you have there 😊😊😊. You will get better and enjoy the rest of the trip!


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