My Travel Chronicles ( Week 2)

Some of the entrance Tickets I bought

Just like every new week holds a mystery, every new place you visit also holds the same adventure of mystery. We expect to do things differently, more like less mistakes and keeping to thy self at the start of every week.

Well, unlike last week I had high expectations for this week. I had planned to visit 5 places within Nairobi’s CBD area. Last week I managed to visit 3 places. This week on the other hand I managed to visit 3 places only. No progress made right? Actually, I think I have made some progress just by the fact that I made effort to go this places (phewks!!sounds comforting).

The Bomb Blast memorial park stood out for me in particular. Despite the fact that the place flooded my mind with grief, it has stored memories, though sad ones. They still remain to be memories. I got to watch a 50 minute movie: Seconds to Tragedy which was inspired by the events of that black Friday.

Monument containing the names of all those who died in the Bomb blast attack

I also got to visit Nairobi Gallery (Along GPO). I was amused when I got to the gate of the Gallery. I have passed the gallery back and forth all my campus life and it just caught my attention Hallo!! I exist kind of moment when I stepped in. That’s a Nairobian for you, they care only when they need it most (At least, I know from experience).

An art collection at a section of the Nairobi Gallery

The last place I have visited this week was Ngong Hills. It has been the furthest place I have visited so far. Despite the strong winds that made me fear for my small body that could be blown away, I enjoyed going for a nature walk. Other activities that you can engage in while at Ngong Hills include  hiking and team building activities.

Ngong Hills

Nonetheless, I have had a lot of fun and good memories to keep with me for the rest of my life. The most important lesson I have learnt this week is that there is a risk anytime we venture into the unknown,trust your gut and do what you feel is best for you, either way what matters most is the lessons you learn not the mistakes you make.

The most important thing in life is the lessons you learn not the mistakes you make.

Have a good week ahead.



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