Last week was amazing. I got the opportunity to visit three sites in Nairobi (Railway Museums Of Kenya, Mamba Village and Paradise Lost). Fun as it sounds I traveled all alone.Why, while you got a clique of friends? Because I did not want distractions I told myself. I had a story trail in my head. I wanted to get my camera shots, have a munch of few snacks at some bench and then leave for school to edit the videos. It was a long satisfying week, full of activities. I discovered I have a phobia for heights and dark places.

What comes to mind is; Are there hurdles you face while travelling to this different destinations? Yes. It takes a lot of effort to tell a story. We take it for granted that you need to tell a good story in the most authentic and attention capturing way to keep your audience glued. It took me long nights of research to know about the places I went to; especially because there was no enough information about this places on the internet. For instance, my trip to Mamba village was full of uncertainty. I went around at each stage asking for directions from the motorbike guys on the roadside.

I also had to fund myself to go to the different places I visited. Entrance to this sites were not as expensive as one might think. The most expensive place I visited last week was Paradise Lost where I got to pay 300 shillings entrance fee. It’s not expensive right?. Transport was the most expensive though. I had to take two to three matatus; then I also had to board a motorbike to get to my destination.

Aside from that, the most interesting fact about travelling I have learnt is; you get to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Traits like resilience, patience and trusting my guts came out well for me last week. I enjoyed myself despite the few hurdles I faced in the process. I’m looking forward to the places I am going to visit this coming week.


I will keep you updated every weekend on my travel tales of the week. So look forward to more of my travel tales experience as I #TembeaKenya.




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