8 Facts about Kenya you should know. (Part 1)

Planning to visit Kenya? Here are some facts to know about this beautiful country.

1. Nairobi is the only city in the world to boast a 12,000- hectare park (Nairobi National Park) with a variety of animals and birds close to a capital city. The park is located 10 km from Nairobi city centre.

Photo: http://www.magicalkenya.com

2.  Kenya holds world record for paragliding.

Paragliding is a sport resembling hang gliding, in which person jumps from an aircraft or high placewearing a wide, rectangular, steerableparachute.

Photo: snowkingmountain.com

3. Kenya has the highest concentration of Olympic gold medal winners in the marathon events.

Photo: Mike Segar

4. The Kenyan first lady Margaret Kenyatta is the first African first lady to compete in and finish the 42 km London Marathon.

5. 11% of the world’s birds population is in Kenya.

6. 80% of cut rose flowers in Europe are from Kenya.

7. This might sound obvious but I must say, Mpesa was invented in Kenya.

8. Kenyan has hosted world class summits like the UNCTAD, TICAD and GES which brought together leaders around the globe in one meeting.

This is all for Part 1 on some facts you should know about Kenya.

Got some references from: http://www.magicalkenya.com