What to expect during the Lamu Cultural Festival 2016

I was in Lamu two weeks ago with a group of tourists on an assignment to drive traffic to this beautiful island. I had a wonderful experience at Peponi hotel in Shela, few minutes from Lamu town. We went for a dhow sailing sundowner towards sunset which I can only describe as epic. We did site visits to the properties within the island like Majlis to Diamond hotel. Well this is just a brief of our experience.

Now imagine Lamu at it’s peak? Visitors from around the world coming to experience the annual Lamu cultural festival. It would be mad fun I can guarantee you. I had a discussion with one of the waitors at Peponi and he personally invited me to attend the festival because one gets to experience the cultural , historical and even socio economic lifestyle of the Lamu people.

The mandate of the festival is to bring peace and harmony, recognise and appreciate diversity in Lamu, fighting marginalisation

Now this is what you can expect to experience during this year’s Lamu cultural festival.


1. You will have a chance to experience swahili life,tradition and culture in a setting like no other.

2. Henna painting is one of the most common activity that takes place. If you are a lady you don’t want to leave lamu before getting a hand and feet henna painting.

3. Dhow races and Donkey races cannot be left  behind since Lamu is famously known for Donkey races. While on the other hand Dhow races are encouraged to counter the increased availability of engines and prefabricated boats.

4. Not to forget, the three day event will showcase traditional dances (Ngomas), historical masterpieces, which have been an important expression of Neighborhood rivalries.

So as we await the event starting tomorrow in Lamu keep your mind open to experience more than what I have stated above. Unfortunately I’m back to campus attending classes and therefore I will not be attending the festival (so sad).



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