5 Facts about Marsabit

1. On your way to Marsabit you’ll come across beautiful scenaries.

Mt. Ololokwe (Northern part of Kenya)

2. Part of Lake Turkana is visible on the East side of Marsabit.

3. For lovers of photography, the sunrise and sunset in Marsabit is Epic.

Sunset in Marsabit

4. The Cradle of Mankind ‘Koobi Fora’ is located in Marsabit.

Among other archaeological sites in Marsabit are the petrified forest, the turtle remains house and the crocodile remains house.

5. You can’t miss stopping at Chalbi desert if you travel to Marsabit by means of road.

NB: A road trip to Marsabit can take you up to 3 days. It might be the most gruesome journey’s but the experience is AWESOME!!!!!.

Below you can find some of the photos we took while in Marsabit:








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