My experience in Lamu

So we got off the plane at Manda Island airport at around 3.30 pm. A group of sailors welcomed us and helped in carrying our luggages to the boat. Yes, if you ever visit Lamu don’t expect to see cars paraded on a highway full of traffic. The air is so fresh, accompanied with the sound of waves from the water. Even with a full board boat everyone choose to be silent and experience the relaxing waves make  way through their bodies. I personally made friends. Friends from the Island. The Sailors’. His name is AbdulRazak. A young man in his early twenties. From the moment he stretched his hand to help me get into the boat to the way he tried helping me familiarize with the small island that had populace of  less than 13,000 was heart warming.


I can assure you that Lamu is the safest island i have ever been to (not yet tried any other) but i thought i should say so because of the stereotypes related to this place. Unfortunately I only have a 2 day long memory of this beautiful place. That’s how long I was in Lamu. We did a half day tour of Lamu County because the weather is a bit unbearable past noon due to high temperatures.

I was with a colleague of mine who left me standing at the market place to go look for a sim card. I used the opportunity to interact with the people who were warm and welcoming. One of them even volunteered to take a photo of me as i sipped “Dafu” a coconut drink that is popular in the coastal region. I was scared at first. I din’t want to disappoint them so i took a sip of the drink with my eyes closed. They watched me in awe. One of them by the name Abdul decided to break the silence by asking “Unajihisi vipi saa hii?” How are you feeling now?. I said great. It’s more than i expected. At least it quenched my thirst. “Dafu hutumika kusafisha figo”  coconut drink is good for your kidneys Abdul said. IMG_8319 copy.jpgIMG_8322 copy.jpg

We left for our hotel after a few minutes and relaxed awaiting evening so as to go for a sundowner. Oh yes!. The best experience ever. Have you ever had a sundowner in a boat in the middle of huge mass of water? I had one. We were ready by 4.30pm dressed in light dirt for the ladies and the guys wore t-shirts and shorts.

We had two boats, each carrying 5 passengers. Once in a while someone would talk out of no where and tell us a story about some good old days. The waves and the splash of the water on the boat plus the silence was so mind healing and wonderful. You have to experience it to know that feeling. The captain surprised us when he opened the freezer and started asking “How many for Tusker, How many for wine”. We all turned with awe at the sight of drinks in the middle of no where. For those with Tusker and wine sat back and watched the sun as it set, while i sipped my orange juice as i took pictures of the sunset.


Sundowner in the middle of the Island


Sunset in Lamu

IMG_8372 copy.jpgWhile others enjoyed their drinks.

One last thing before i finish talking about my experience. Have you ever imagined going for a nightlife in a bar that’s in the middle of water bodies. A floating bar to be precise. We went for a nightlife experience that was in the middle of the island. I imagined if anyone got drunk and decided to step out. Oh my God. I had to go see the floating bar. It was a fifteen minute boat drive. We left the hotel at 10.30 pm immediately after having dinner.

It was fun but scary. As the rest grabbed a drink at the counter i took some time to assess the place. There was a sitting bay where you could watch the moon. A dance floor and even washrooms for both genders. One was located at the far end of the left side of the boat while the other washroom was near the entry. Where did the waste go to? I don’t know. Haha…Let’s keep our imaginations to thy selves.Float.jpgThat right there is the floating bar.

Would you try a nightlife in the floating bar if you had the chance to do so? Yes/No….It’s up to you to do decide.


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